My 3D Printer

Bought my first 3D Printer out of curiosity, from Amazon, just to help me understand  3D Printing technology.

 What may amaze you, is that I learned the operation of the 3D printer by creating (designing) my own 3D printing  models, with AutoCAD 2010.  I have been drawing solid models for several years and I was not aware that  these  (.dwg)  files.  for the solid models

Actual solid drawing (.DWG) that was converted to ( .STL) Before the conversion is ordered, select TOOLS, NEW USC, WORLD..

could easily  be converted to ( .stl)  files   by adding “3dprint“  to the COMMAND  line  located  at the bottom left corner of the AutoCAD screen . 

This file is then applied to a special program called The Replicator, that creates a “gCode “  file .

And lastly,  gCode   is  translated into a (*.x3g) file that is read by the 3D printer,  to produce  my unique model of a piggy bank for my great granddaughter.

That’s the easy part.  The most important process in 3D Printing, is securing the model to the printing table.  There are many suggestions on the internet regarding that issue. Tried several suggestions that did not work well for me.  What works best, is applying the sticky side of a 6×9 painter’s blue sheet to  the surface of the 3D printer’s build plate.  Level the build plate and you’re set to print the model.

Miniature Garden Lanterns