This 2-car garage belongs to a  friend.  He wanted me to plan and convert his entire garage into 2  bedrooms, for him and his  son.  I drafted a rough floor plan to modify the existing 20 x 20 garage floor.  A 4′ hallway was planned along the existing living room wall, to accommodate  HELCO’s electric meter that was mounted on the wall inside  the garage.
 Floor plan to follow:

Remodeling  Begins

This will be a one-man project with owner/friend keeping company and assisting with passing tools and  carrying light weighted  materials.

Unfortunately, there are no progressive photos to show the  structural framings to the existing structure, for it  was personally  challenging.  Gypsum panels were hung and spray-textured on the ceilings and walls, after laying out the electrical wirings for the ceiling fan/lights and wall outlets for both rooms.  TV cables were  also installed to each room.

Taping Windows

10×16 Corner Bedroom

To The Hallway

The Other 10×16 Bedroom

Twin Sliding Windows

SHAKA! Laminate Flooring Is Next!

Floors received lamination

Painting of the walls and ceiling followed by the  installation of electrical components done. Laminate flooring laid and completed. Bordering the floor with baseboard and installing a threshold under the door and the first bedroom is ready to be occupied.

Bedrooms Secured