US Patent 9173448

7Combination  Drawer Assembly

It is common to store a motley of items within drawers of cabinetry. Unfortunately, the diverse nature of these items leads to contrasting space and height requirements that would optimally contain such items in one location. Consequently, items are haphazardly fitted into the drawer space, leading to disorganization and overflowing. Surprisingly, the tidiest drawers often lose serviceability because items are placed neatly in one row on the bottom of the drawer, resulting in much of the upper space of the drawer unoccupied. It would be a benefit to exploit the entire storage space of an interior of a cabinet with the use of a secondary drawer housed within the main drawer. This would enable selecting items within the secondary drawer while maintaining the position of the other items in the main drawer. The development of the present invention fulfills this need – the  drawer-in-drawer  arrangement.

US Patent #9173488 – Nov 3, 2015
Combination Drawer Assembly


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